Clear Your Pipes Safely and Completely

Rely on us for pipe cleaning and thawing in Osakis, Browerville and Long Prairie, MN

Over the years, a lot can happen to your pipes. Just a bit of grease and soap can solidify in your pipes, blocking the drain significantly. In times like these, you need a pipe cleaning company to clear the line.

Freie's Septic Service is here to help. Our pipe cleaning services are safe for your pipes, ensuring that they'll last for years to come. When we're done clearing the line, you can be confident that the water will flow smoothly again.

Get your pipes back in order today. Email us now to get the services you need in Osakis, Browerville or Long Prairie, MN.

We can also fix your frozen pipes

One of the biggest plumbing problems in the Browerville and Long Prairie, MN region is frozen pipes. With our cold weather, you can end up with frozen pipes that drain slowly and break apart when thawed. Our crew can safely use hydro jet and roto tools to unclog your frozen pipes and warm them up at a reasonable speed. That way, you don't have to worry about pipe replacement.

Treat your pipes right with help from the experts. Call 320-808-6104 today to schedule an appointment for service.